hkld cardinalThe Archbishop of Zagreb, Cardinal Josip Bozanić, Honorary President of the 25th FIAMC Congress entitled Sanctity of Life and the Medical Profession, from Humanae Vitae to Laudato si  has hosted the members of the Croatia Catholic Medical Society /CCMS/ on Tuesday, May 19, 2017, Professor Ana Planinc Peraica, MD, PHD, the CCMS President, Professor Jadranka Sertić, MD, PhD, Maja Peraica, MD, PhD, Editor of Glasnik, Professor Jasenka Markeljević, MD, PhD, CCMS delegate in the FEAMC and FIAMC and Žarko Udiljak, M.S., President of the Dental CCMS branch. The Auxiliary Bishop Valentin Pozaić, PhD, Spiritual Assistant of the CCMA and FEAMC was also present. Professor Ana Peraica, presented to the Cardinal Josip Bozanić the activities and objectives of the CCMA in the context of the current situation in the medical health care and thanked him for his support during the celebration of the 25th CCMA Anniversary held on the October 15, 2016.

Professor Planinc Peraica also informed the Cardinal Bozanić about the accepted candidacy of the City of Zagreb based on the proposal of the FIAMC Board for the organization of the 25th FIAMC Congress /May 30 – June 2, 2018/ entitled Sanctity of Life and the Medical Profession, from Humanae Vitae to Laudato si.

The jubilee 25th FIAMC Congress will be held in the Year of the 50th Anniversary of the Humanae Vitae of Pope Paul VI.

Professor Jasenka Markeljević emphasized the importance of recognizing the identity of Croatia in the EU and identity of Catholic doctors in the context of ethic relativism and transhumanism in the world, protection of dignity of human life from conception to natural death and promotion of ethical principles in medicine based on Hippocrates oath tradition and Catholic church doctrine. 

Professor Markeljević also informed the Cardinal Josip Bozanić on the FIAMC Board idea to invite the Pope Francis to 25th FIAMC Congress taking into the consideration the specific circumstances and conditions of the diplomatic protocol of the Vatican, the Republic of Croatia, the Zagreb Archdiocese, the Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia and the Government. During inspired, constructive and argumentative conversation, Cardinal Josip Bozanić accepted the CCMS President’s request to be the Honorary President of the Congress and honorary member of the organizational Board, and to lead the Holy Mass in Zagreb Cathedral for the guests and participants of 25th FIAMC Congress to be held in Zagreb in 2018. J.M.

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